A plea for the future of NZ

Dear Kate Wilkinson,

I must say I fail to understand how anyone can lead a government department dedicated to conservation to plunder that which really makes New Zealand unique. Not only are the planned develpments in Fiordland an outrage, an irrepairable disruption of all we hold dear as Kiwis, and indeed with such a stunning setting , as world citizens, but it also impinges upon our long term economic outlook. It is easy to be blinded by short term profit, but the more our remaining wild landscape is impinged upon by man, the less attraction it will hold compared to other destinations worldwide, especially as we have the opportuity to have the drwcard of a civilised Western country, but with unusually large tracts of (comparatively) untouhed raw landscape.

Anyhow; Money is fleeting, and is not everything. In particular, it does no bring true peace, contentment or happiness. I hope one day you will learn this.

The damage you will do to our country, in particular if these ventures are allowed to proceed, is permanent and will not easily be undone, if ever.

As a Southlander, with a real appreciation and connection to these places, where I get upto all sorts of adventures, I feel like you will be taking a vital piece out of me.

I wish you too could sit atop Emily Peak or Mt Somnus in the dawn light, the beauty of fiordland an enchanting tapestry before you, or explore the crytsalline waters and world class of the Hollyord River or Eglington in a kayak, dwarfed all the while by savage citadels of rock or snow. Then you would realise what a crime you will permitting allowing furthur tarnishment of this area. You wil not be cherished in history by ew ealand. You are doing the wrong thing. If these plans go ahead, we will be forever poorer as a result.



PS if anyone feels the same, sign th petition on change.org, email j.key@ministers.govt.nz and kate.wilkinson@national.org.nz, and find other ways to get involved in the struggle


About ruari

a lover of the beauty of the mountains, coast and other wild open spaces. An adventurer and high-level snowboard freerider / snowboard mountaineer
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