In March 2010, Tess picked me and my roomates up from Nelson, and we set off on a 9 day drive, with the goal of 6 weeks shredding classic Alaskan steeps.  And that is exactly what happened .though it must be said we were primarily on foot, with some assistance now and then from sleds or boats.  No heli budget doesn’t mean you can;t get things done. Pity that pilot we met at some anchorage party pulled the pin last minute on our planned gas-money-plus-whiskey flight to the tordrillo mountains, but not to mind…ImageImageImageImageall these shots by Tess Carney or O’Sean … thanks!  roadtrip, including first view of the Rockies, in field BC, and sled skiing out of Hyder, Alaskan panhandle… all these shots so far are actually within BC still…

Got a doublepage spread and some other shots and editorial in shanes article, here was the mags ad; Issue #53-July/August 2010

The Real Alaska: Shane Orchard and Ruari McFarlane test themselves on the “North Shore” of snowboarding


approaching haines junction and alaska. a motley crew!

approaching haines junction and alaska. a motley crew!


stewart BC/Hyder AK


my 2 page nzsnowboarder spread


my first published shot I ever snapped

Next 3 shots;photo credit shane orchard.  Valdez, AKImageImage



About ruari

a lover of the beauty of the mountains, coast and other wild open spaces. An adventurer and high-level snowboard freerider / snowboard mountaineer
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