Andreas. One of my greatest inspirations, and the greatest thinker of any alpinist of our time. I always wondered how it would go for you. So much time in inherently risky environments, but in the few days spent near you, it was so apparent that you were the uber alpinist, so skilled, fir and fast, so in tune with the mountains and yourself and your experiential based intuition, that I knew it would take alot and more to get you, despite. I cannot remember ever meeting someone so likely to survive and thrive in such wild places. Stoked on how you lived your life bro. Thanks for showing me what is possible, and inspiring me to think, to learn from what we are doing in the mountains…now, like you, I must try to make it at least as much about the inner journey. this is what we remember most , this is your legacy.

Andreas’ thoughts are more than worthwhile considering for ourselves.


About ruari

a lover of the beauty of the mountains, coast and other wild open spaces. An adventurer and high-level snowboard freerider / snowboard mountaineer
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